måndag, maj 17, 2004

A glitch.

Next, the WAV is opened in SoundForge to view the data and find the glitch. The best option is to Zoom In on the glitch then “write out" the section with a pencil tool. (Selecting Click Removal will remove some imperfections on tracks from vinyl).

A glitch.

Written over.

There is a second option for removing the glitch, as the intro on this track is a repetitive sound. A duplicate section, with no glitch, can be carefully hightlighted from a later part of the track for Copy and Paste to replace the glitch.

Next, the volume can be raised or lowered for consistency of each track edited.

1 1/2 seconds of empty silence may be pasted at the tail to ensure space between songs. Conversely the dead space can be cropped from the beginning and end of the tracks to create a smooth segue of songs.
Finally, the track is saved back to the harddrive.