torsdag, maj 27, 2004


today, school is unofficially over (for now).
a few weeks ago, i promised myself that when i have completed my school work i should go buy "ulysses" by james joyce. i read parts of "ulysses" when i studied literature in gothenburg, but of course that is just a very silly thing to do.
i flipped through the introduction and found:

"Ulysses (...) is a protest against the squalid codes of chivalric militarism and against the sad machismo of sexual conquest."

i think i'll be saving it until i go to france in mid june.

an idea though: on the 16th of june 2004, it will be exactly 100 years since the day that "ulysses" takes place (hello björn magnusson). joyce had the idea that reading the book should consume the same amount of time as the plot does (24 hours).

hmm. i don't think so though.

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