torsdag, juni 03, 2004

au revoir simone!

I very rarely discover new artists by listening to the radio these days. However, a couple of weeks ago I was listening to the show P3Pop on Swedish national radio. And I heard "The Pony Song" by Au Revoir Simone.

Hello Au Revior Simone. How do you usually discover new, exciting music?
Annie: My favorite and most efficient method offinding new music is by visiting my firends. They always have something new playing on the stereo. Lately at work I've been listening to SOMA FM Indie Pop Rocks, which is a shoutcast radio show. It's like an indie rock primer for me. I'm pretty new to the scene.

What are you doing today?
Today we went over our friend and producer Rod's apartment and recorded vocals for our e.p. in his living room and flew miniature kites. It was so fun. Then we came back to my place for a backyard barbeque and left for a show in Manhattan along with the boys from Dirty on Purpose.
Annie: Later on I walked back to Brooklyn and played Scrabble until 2:30 AM with my boyfirend.

I have only heard one of your songs so far, "The Pony Song". (I am aware that there is another mp3 at your website, but I am on dial up at the moment...) I absolutely loved it. What is, in short, the story of Au Revior Simone? What is the story behind "The Pony Song"?
Au Revoir Simone started as a fun keyboard project by Erika, who knew me and Sung Bin through playing in Dirty on Purpose, who are close friends of ours. Sung Bin and I had played bass and guitar, respectively, in a punk band for about three years prior to Au Revoir Simone. One night, Erika invited her friend Heather to play with us, so the four of us played our hearts out on teeny-tiny keyboards and a drum machine from the 1960s all night long in Erika's tiny bedroom. We totally fell in love with Heather and asked her to be in the band with us.
Heather: The story behind 'The Pony Song' is obviously a sentimental one. It was inspired by a night a long time ago, in high school, when I snuck out of my parent's house to meet my best friend in a forest clearing to watch a meteor shower, which probably is still one of the most romantic evenings of my life, I guess because I was so young, and full of hope and all the giddiness and terror that comes from being in love for the first time.

Are there any other songs about horses that you like? My favorites would be "Pony" by Ginuwine and "Judy And The Dream Of Horses" by Belle & Sebastian.
Annie: I don't really know that many songs about horses, but Judy and the Dream of Horses totally takes the cake for the best that I know!

What can I expect from Au Revoir Simone in the future?
We would love to come to Sweden to play for everyone there! In the meantime, we are finishing up a five-song e.p. and playing shows in New York City.

Am I correct to assume that "Simone" is Simone de Beauvoir?
Although we are grateful for what our feminist foremothers have made possible for us, the Simone we refer to is actually acharacter in Pee Wee's Big Adventure, who finally gets enough courage to leave her small Texas town to live the life in Paris, France.

I am eagerly awaiting the results of these recordings. After listening to “The Pony Song”, you will know why. This song was the inspiration behind the “horse song-post”. Here is that post again.

what is your favourite song about horses?

"You'll be on my jockey team, oh"

Billy Rimgard, writer and mount ventoux.
"Dr.Dre - "Let Me Ride" .. Eller Sophie B. Hawkins "Right Beside You" (hon rider väl i videon?).."

Mike O'Connor, dhex.
"Current 93 - "All The Pretty Little Horses" from the album of the same name. my fav. horse themed album? Horse Rotovator, of course. :)"

Alexander Bartilson, bokskotte.
"Judy and the dream of horses!!!"

Johan Jacobsson, sonic, enigma, from hereto and now otherwise.
"Palace Brothers: "Horses". Lätt som en plätt!"

Mattias Holmberg, twisterella, the jet set junta, friendly noise.
"Prefab Sprout "Wild Horses" ("I tried with sugar cubes - and they're ok - but I don't think I'll catch you that way...")"

Bert Van Dael, scriptwriter.
"will oldham - stable will (the guarapero lost blues 2 album version)."

Björn Magnusson, twisterella, very free jazz philosopher.
"Jag svarar samma som Johan Jacobsson. Det var den första låten jag tänkte på när jag läste frågan, och efter ett dygns betänketid har jag inte ändrat mig. Eller vänta nu! Jag väljer "Riding" med samma upphovsman, versionen på "Lost Blues and Other Songs" (den på "There is No-One What Will Take of You" spelas i någon mystisk takt, plus att gitarrljudet är finare på "Lost Blues"-versionen)."

Veronica Breen, herself.
""I'm a poor lonesome cowboy (Lucky Luke)" ("'Cause this poor lonesome cowboy/ Prefers a horse for company/ Got nothing against women/ But I wave them all goodbye/ My horse and me keep riding/ We don't like being tied")"