söndag, juni 27, 2004

junior boys

Quite a few Swedish writers have already elegantly described the genius of the song ”Last Exit” by Junior Boys. But this is a case where it really can not be said too many times. When I first encountered the name “Junior Boys”, I thought it was referring to some sort of revival of the British house label, Junior Boys Own, that used to be hip in the nineties, and I was quite hesitant. But thankfully, it proved to be something entirely different.
There has been comparisons to the Postal Service and there has been endless talk about how there is traces of Timbaland in the music of Junior Boys. But - if we are going to be bringing up other artists in order to describe music, which most of the time of course is very uncreative, yet sometimes effective – the most fitting reference may be Swedens finest; The Radio Dept.
The voices of Junior Boys and The Radio Dept. share a very unique, quiet melancholy which alone open up very special doors in my heart. And then…then there are songs like “Last Exit” or The Radio Dept.’s “The City Limits”, “Against the Tide”, “Lost and Found”, “Your Father”, “Why won’t You Talk About it?”, “Where Damage isn’t Already Done”, “You and Me then”, “Pulling Our Weight” (and about ten others).

“when the lights go out/ behind the bridge’s last exit”

I have only heard a couple of songs by Junior Boys, but as one of these songs is “Last Exit” I really do not need any further motivation. The recently released - and brilliantly titled - album “Last Exit” is an essential addition to my record collection.


Om man bor i Sverige är det nog lättast och billigast att köpa "Last Exit" från dotshop.se. Där hittar man även blogfavoriter som Colleen.