lördag, augusti 21, 2004


"if you got riches you got glitches" (andré 3000, "millionaire")

so..."caught out there" was one brilliant pop single. after that, it seemed like nothing of interest ever happened.
but then..."milkshake".
you know a pop single is a brilliant pop single when californian underground rappers that are of mexican descent start incorporating them into their freestyles.

and then; step three.

"I thought you were the shit to be playin around
Call the police theres a mad girl in town
Couldn't get even here without a sound
It's not how I wanna get down Yeah You"

"Call the police! There's a madman around" (Pet Shop Boys - "West End Girls", 1985)

"Call the police theres a mad girl in town" (Kelis - "Trick Me", 2003)