söndag, oktober 24, 2004

A few nights ago, I went to see Sage Francis perform. It was the fourth time around for me, and you would think that his act would get kind of old. But he really managed to pull off some high quality entertainment. He delivered. We got to hear a few new songs, and among these were the highly anticipated Will Oldham collaboration. "It's a bounce track." It was indeed very up-jumps-the-alias-boogie and great.

Aside from the actual performance, one of the finer moments of the night occured just as I walked into the venue. Things got really Brechtian; I was a Sage Francis show and "Domino Dancing" was blasting out of the speakers. Sublime.

Of course this sparked a response from the online hiphopkids;

"Men, varför spelade de två tjejerna pet shop boys och liknande under kvällen? Om två hiphopartister ska uppträda så borde man ju tänka till lite, eller?

Jag hörde typ, Lady of Rage, Nas och något mer, sen var resten pop och sånt =/"

It doesn't get any better than that really.