fredag, november 12, 2004

jumping the wagon

The mp3-blog seems like a good thing. But elefanten fully recognizes its limitations. So I will just point you to a few "legal downloads" (which might be one of the not-so-freshest phrases ever).

1. Busdriver - "Avant core"
The best rapper alive. This is a song from his forthcoming album, "Fear of a black tangent". The album will be released by Mush in February.

2. Yuichiro Fujimoto - "Live at Gunjos"
Four songs by Smalltown Supersound-posterboy Yuichiro Fujimoto, performed..."at Gunjos, Nagano". You are also able to download three songs off his Smalltown Supersound album.

3. Daedelus - "Move On (with Sci)"
From the forthcoming, AMAZING, album "Equisite Corpse" out on Mush next year. This is from the Mush website:

"The new release from Daedelus, 'Exquisite Corpse' is an ode to, and a lament for hiphop culture. Featuring solo contributions and collaborative efforts with guests whose performances range from tradional (MF Doom, Sci from Scienz of Life) to poetic (Mike Ladd, CYNE, Laura Darling) to experimental (Prefuse 73, Hrishikesh Hirway of The One AM Radio, TTC, Jogger), Daedelus forms the seemingly disparate elements of sound found on the album with a single-minded vision. The album title's triple meaning - a reference to death, a grand body of work, and the Impressionist group drawing game of the same name - is a direct reflection of the music being a sum of the best elements of Daedelus' past productions. The guest emcees and vocalists contrast their own styles with Daedelus' sugar-laden undercoating proving that there are no limits to what can be included on a hiphop album."
Oh you love it.

4. pedestrian - "The Toss & Turn"
This has been common knowledge for a good while now, but it's still perhaps the best rap song of 2004 that does not involve pastries.

5. Modern Art - "blackbookblackbox EP"
This one dates back as far as March, but it's a very nice Fukk God Let's Create-release that I haven't really seen mentioned anywhere.