måndag, april 04, 2005


Olivier Lamm first caught my attention with the release of the "Active Suspension vs. Clapping Music" compilation. These two cd's introduced two interesting french labels to my part of the world. His album "Hello Spiral" was probably the finest exhibition of noisy friendlyness released last year.

First off, what can you tell me about the song "Jenna Jameson, vétérante de l'éléctronica française / what used to be funny now just makes me sick / preheimslgos"? It seems as though you used the sounds that you sampled (from what I assume is a video film) to trigger the music, is this in any way correct? Especially towards the end of the song this seems to be the case.

Well, it's quite old, you know. there's no such technique as the clever one you're talking about. i'm not a technique freak. this is all about composition, you know? the two tracks i glued together were improvised, real time, with max and four virtual compressors, then edited. i added the voice samples on top with a cubase. the "trigger" trompe-l'oreille comes from the overcompressed sounds, which tend to eat themselves up.

How did the collaboration with artists like Alejandra & Aeron (for the "My Favorite Things" cd) come about? Is this a remix or is it a collaboration? Both? I very much enjoy this album.

Wow, it's quite old as well. But: Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman are friends. I fell in love with "The Children Records" when it came out. I got to know them. Then, when it came to that collaborative project, it just seemed logical to ask them. It is definitely a remix, though, as they worked on their own with some sounds i sent them.
And: thank you for the compliment. I must say "My Fav Things" is quite a misknown, underrated hell of a record. Which track is you favorite? It's about favorite things.

Well, I am a huge fan of all things Alejandra & Aeron, so if I would have to pick one, that's my favorite. But overall I love how the album is put together, how it is sequenced. I found it to be very refreshing.

Has the exposure in the television show "This is our music" affected you and your Active Suspension friends in any way? Has the show aired in France?

Well. You have contacted me. Up to now, this is the most notable consequence. Also, I got to know Lisa, from the Concretes, who is a very nice person.
Eventually, we'll play in Malmö with Domotic in June. Hopefully, I'll play in Stockholm as well.
And no, the show hasn't aired in France, quite unfortunately. I guess Hypo is quite known, also?

Yes, over here "Random Veneziano" was a big hit record in certain circles. I'll definitely try to catch you in Malmö.

There are often talks among musicians using a laptop that their experiences of live performances are not really that good. One problem being the noise audience drowning any chance of presenting things that are more subtle.
(There is a great quote from Greg Davis on this matter in an issue of The Wire. I would go and get it, but my dog is sleeping right next to where I keep it and I don't want to wake him up.) Another problem being the idea of watching someone stare at a computer for 30 minutes.
What are your thoughts on this?

I don't know. I play quite massive, dancey shows, not silencey gigs. It's about communicating the most difficult aspects of my music in the most fun, playful way possible, for people who are, for the most, circonspect and dubitative, about what i play. When I play, i'm very much absorbed in my music, and tend not to see the audience that much. I guess they don't get bored. But what's this thing with being bored because not much is to be seen? Those are concerts, not theatrical shows. Every musician has his/her own way of expressing him/herself on stage. Some rock musician are very static with their guitar in hands. Some laptoppers rock behind their computer.

Of course. To see someone playing a guitar is not any more or less boring than seeing someone behind a laptop. But audiences have been practising the former for centuries.

What will be the next O.Lamm release?

Have you heard "Six Residua", a 12" we did with Sutekh? And "Hello Spiral", my second album? Well, I hope you did. I'm really proud of these two releases.
They are massive steps forward for me. I'm working on the next thing, also, which shall be an entire, lp-long, tribute to American drummer Dave Witte. It has not title yet.

Yes, I loved "Hello Spiral". I will check out "Six Residua".

Finally, what were the most inspiring sounds for you this past week?

Let me think. Andrew Bird's "The Mysterious Production of Eggs", and Bob Dylan's "Highway 61" really helped me go through hard times in Russia. Those Canadian, Cursed's "Two" really rocks me off. M.I.A. is hot.
Evol's latest "Magia Potagia", and Hecker and Yasunao Tone's "Palimpsest", on Mego, got me depressed and made me want to quit music for a while. Any Converge or Boris release is always inspirational. Eventually, there's this Japanese band, Plus-Tech Squeeze Box, who achieved the perfect pop record as i'd always imagined it. It's called "Cartoom!" and it's an effing blast.
I'm so pissed they did it first!

The pictures were taken during O.Lamm's recent tour in Russia. I borrowed them from http://www.olamm.tk/.