fredag, april 08, 2005

so hot right now

Recent viewing:

Pet Shop Boys – ”Performance” (This DVD is almost as essential as “PopArt” (but not quite). This 1991 Classic makes me reminisce. How I, the eleven year old, found it rather awkward when Chris sat in his boxer shorts and read Playboy on stage during “We All Feel Better in the Dark”. All these costumes, the dancers…the greatest show on earth. And just like the “PopArt” DVD, the real treat is the audio commentary. Hilarious in every way and the moment when Chris walks out of the studio during on of his dance routines…yeah. For people in Sweden, this DVD is so cheap that you really can’t afford to sleep on it…if you’re not in the know, contact me for details on how to make life a little easier.)

Recent listening:

I have been listening to massive amounts of music by the following artists and groups: Stephan Mathieu, O.Lamm and The Beach Boys. (Mathieu’s “On Tape” grows with each listening session and it is truly one of the finest albums of 2004. I will finally see him live next Friday and the expectations are high. I also hope that the audience will be silent and polite. Or else.)

Pharoah Sanders – “Jewels of Thought” (Those who thought recordings like “The Creator has a Masterplan” were too “world music” or “new age” might faint when they hear this album. The opening track, “Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum Allah”, bears resemblance to “The Creator has…” mainly due to the appearance of Leon Thomas and his characteristic yodelling-scat-Godlike vocal stylings. It is an amazing record.)

Colleen – “The Golden Morning Breaks” (The promises made by the unbelievable live shows are being kept on this album. A great step from the ever lovely “Everyone Alive Wants Answers” and so far the best album this year. I just want to say “thank you”.)

Brian Eno - "Music For Airports"

Savage – “Don’t Cry Tonight”, Talib Kweli feat Jay-Z & Busta Rhymes – “Get By (Remix)”, Helge Ljudfors – “Till Rune Elmqvist”, Jonas Lindgren – “In The Morning After The Night”, Pet Shop Boys – “Bet She’s not Your Girlfriend”, Retarderat Eleverade – “Tootausen”.

R Kelly – “Ignition (Remix)” (I remember the first time I heard this song. It was very early in the morning and I was walking through Falkenberg (perhaps the saddest town in Sweden?) and for some reason I was listening to the radio. A song comes on and it seems to be instrumental, which is quite unusual, being this kind of morning show. It is a really good song though and I remember thinking to myself: “this MUST be a R Kelly song”. This is strange because I have never been a fan of the R (and I haven’t been since). After about two minutes the radio host interrupts the song by saying “oh, something must have gone wrong…this is the instrumental version of the new single from R Kelly”. The other day I listened to the vocal version of “Ignition (Remix)” for twenty minutes straight. It is a perfect piece of music.)