måndag, juli 24, 2006

elefanten jump back and forth from whitefish to kalispell

Sitting in a coffeeshop in Kalispell, Montana. The 30 hour train ride from Chicago to Whitefish was pretty OK all things considered. But there were delays and we missed the scenic experience of the Rocky Mountains as the delays led us to pass it by night. What we actually saw was lots and lots of this:

In addition to the train ride and what that means in terms of lack of sleep etc, all the hotels in Whitefish were full and we had to spend the night at this 24 hour diner:

In the morning we went to Kalispell and checked into the Motel6.

But Montana is good. The Twin Peaks factor is high and we spent last night drinking a few beers at a saloon, complete with swing doors and a saw dust covered floor. Playing the jukebox: Rush, "Cover me" and all that good stuff.

Question: if anyone knows a good photohosting site that lets you upload images directly from your camera, let me know. flickr is good that way, but I (already) seem to be running out of bandwidth or something.

Now heading back to Whitefish to catch the train to Seattle tonight. See you soon.