onsdag, juli 12, 2006

this is karini #7

conduo orchestra

"Conduo Orchestra are Astrid, Hakoton, Johan and Kristofer. Recorded in Malmö with love+rhythm.
this is karini #7. elefantkvinnan editions 2006."

Comes complete with linernotes written by Minnie Monnie.

To order, get in touch with elefantkvinnan@gmail.com, but as I am leaving for the USA tomorrow, orders will be sent out at the end of August. The elefantkvinnan web space is a bit dysfunctional at the moment (( http://elefantkvinnan.kalligrammofon.com ), what is up? if it can be fixed, let me know... :) )

Btw, I am on m.ysp_ace: http://myspace.com/viktorsjoberg