onsdag, augusti 23, 2006

structures sonores #1 is here

(More and cleaner pictures once the morning light reaches Gothenburg.)

After a few years of releasing my own music in limited quantities, it is finally time to step my game up a notch. Structures Sonores will be releasing at least two CD albums this year, the first one being the Sonores debut album. So, without further ado, I bring you:

structures sonores #1:
Sonores - "Elefanten" CD album.
"Elefanten" is the third Sonores release. Following their 2004 CD EP "Invain" and a 2006 mp3 release, "Elefanten" is Sonores as they should be experienced; at length. This album will see its official release soon, but it is possible to get your hands on it today. It will be yours for 100 SEK + postage (in total around 120 SEK.) Email sonores@gmail.com. CDs will be sent out ASAP.