fredag, september 15, 2006

"everyone needs to take heed and listen to what i got to say..."

We must never forget.

They called themselves Solesides and they took consistency to a new level.

I can't even describe you, so I ain't even gon' try...hmmmm
Making hell of mc Asia is now this I dont dispute but you knew
You knew Lyrics Born was a ripped off note sheet of a hundred
And you scrape the paint off your bumpers making sure you beat the buzzer
Making sure Lyrics Born came out his mother's stomach
Covered with the lyrics that kill

And I know the homies gon' clown
When they hear the profound thoughts and
Experiences applied from my strife to the
End of your life on this mic
The years run off by the hour
The aspirations FLEE with the YEARS
As they get devoured with time
Eventually you will age and collapse
What good are your raps if your
Synapses can't fire
The rapid rhymin' and tactics
That I can flash with
Automatically blastin' back and
Cappin' and laughin' at all of this whack
Material that you brought
Devoid of substance lacking
Action between word and thought and
Perhaps it's best for e'rybody
If we just cut short

And now!?!?!!

Listen to that song by Lateef and Q-tip on the-album-that-should-not-be-mentioned. Could you please fall off any harder?

I come off like a pissed off underground rap fan, which is partly due to the fact that I was a teenager in love with underground rap, but...this is really brutal. Sometimes ever so evident truths needs to be spoken out loud.