torsdag, september 07, 2006

listening to billie holiday on a early thursday evening

Inland Empire premiered at the Venice film festival yesterday.
Which means that I will go to the cinema some time within the next few months.

A few more new/newish reviews of "On a winter's day", click the links below to read them.

"Blended layers of acoustic guitar, unprocessed field recordings, feedback, harmonics, and restrained electronics push this beautifully organic feeling album into the domain of the experimental. The clear tones and harmonics of the guitar along with the untouched field recordings give the album cohesiveness and clarity, while the processed sounds, feedback, and minimal electronics give the compositions a hazy, nostalgic texture somewhat akin to that cloudy, fuzzy feeling we get when we are deeply in love."
Larry Johnson, Earlabs

Och jag bara älskar det! Skivan är under sina trettiotre minuter och fyrtiosju sekunder så nära klar perfektion man kan komma. Den besitter en slags kontinuitet som gör att den varken lyfter iväg ut i ett experimentellt vakuum eller går på sparlåga utan stannar i ett perfekt stadium av lugn, säkerhet och briljans. Jag behöver inte säga mer, det är bara att beställa och lyssna själv.
Tobias Norström, Sound of music

I'm not sure how many people would consider ambient music to be romantic, but I definitely think the best of it can be (depending on your definition of romance). Swedish instrumentalist Viktor Sjöberg must also think so. (scroll down on this page to find the review.)
Kevin Renick, It's a trap!