onsdag, maj 02, 2007

holler back

That is, we will be celebrating this brilliant album described below. Come on through. We'll play good records and Thomas shall put on a mesmerizing show. And it's free.

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words
«Fall, fall, falling»

Like a young Werther with a mohawk haircut and worn out nail polish Thomas Ekelund has been formulating his musical letters with machines and concrete sources of sound for some years now. Under the moniker of Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words he has released mp3 releases, ep's and albums influenced by, or carrying traces of melancholic pop music, 60's girl groups, music concrete and the pale harshness of early industrial music.

Fall, Fall, Falling is Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words third full length album and he describes it like this:

Fall, Fall, Falling might come to as a shock to some of you. While there's always been a sense of pulse, rhythm and melody in my work, this album takes it one step further. Though still very much based on the drone, Fall, Fall, Falling is rooted in much more traditional song structures even going so far as to introduce drums in the mix. It's still Dead Letters though, layered, micro tonal and hypnotic.

Thematically the album takes off where Old Ghosts, New Ghosts, All Ghosts left off. It's about yearning, for what was, for what could've been or for it to never have existed. It's about breaking down...apart... up. It's about grotesque reactions and the distortion of memories. It's about self-destruction, -mutilation and -loathing. It's about scars/shards. It's about that sinking feeling. It's about falling.

I have always appreciated the possibility of focusing on the appearance of a legible romantic spirit in the works of DLSODW. Dividing my listening focus between the explicit dark, ambivalent, self destructive themes and the more implicit hopeful, loveful and purifying elements that lie within.

A lot has been said about the way in which Thomas so successfully has managed to bring organic life in to his barren and mechanical musical world. It has always struck me as a simplification. The epical strength that are to be found in the works of DLSODW, should not always be explained by the external means with which the storyteller presents his narratives, rather by what words really are spoken or not spoken. Thomas may use many words or "no words" but they are never dead. Therefore his moniker seems to represent the voice of the inner and outer world speaking to himself rather than being his own musical expressions speaking to the listener. A vast amount of letters and words that bring legible and illegible resonance to his music. Inner voices spoken. Returned to sender.

The Term concrete drone pop may still be the most apt and straight way to describe DLSODW's music. Fall, Fall, Falling is a solid album and may be considered his most straight forward to this day. It carries traces of that walls of sound associated with shoegaze pop bands like My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain.

To be released in limited edition on CD and cassette with stunningly beautiful artwork by Thomas himself.