onsdag, november 21, 2007

spur of the moment record mixing

The other day I decided to re-arrange my living room a bit. Since then I've been contemplating doing a short vinyl mix to get all that Ableton DJ:ing out of my system (although I've really come to enjoy it). So as I was standing by the turntables tonight two records just went well together and I started recording and from then on just put on record after record. I didn't use headphones and about half of the mixes were done while talking to my friend Gustav on the phone. These are just a few of my records that I felt like listening to tonight. I hope that you might enjoy some of them too.

"On such a night mixset" (*.mp3, 26 min, 30 MB)

Here's the word:

1. Abdul Rahim - "Sher"
From a "Music in the world of Islam" record (the "Strings" volume) that I bought on a square in Lund, Sweden. I don't really know how to credit this correctly, but I did my best. This mix into The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band was what got me recording this mix in the first place as I thought that it was rather cool.

2. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - "Tracy had a hard day sunday"
Discovered this fine group on a recent roadtrip through North Dakota. Hey Mickey W. This might be the most direct song on their album "Vol. 2".

3. Charles Mingus - "Cumbia & Jazz Fusion"

I've had this record for over ten years. It's been a while since I listened to it though and I think that I will continue to explore it in the coming days.

4. Darondo - "Such a night"
This record ("Legs" 12-inch) was a gift from my love and shows more than one side of a supposedly mysterious and (uptil the recent reissue/compilation) unknown Bay Area Funk star.

5. Chief Xcel feat. Lateef the Truthspeaker & The Gift of Gab - "Fully Charged on Planet X"
I saw Lyrics Born live in Solana Beach, CA the other week. It was painful. Just about as disappointing as seeing Blackalicious in Gothenburg some time after "Blazing Arrow" came out.
(Fast rap excites crowds [see, there is a direct relation between speed of rap and excitment of crowd]. Actual words not so much. Call & response at its most basic is a great way to pass the time.) This is a classic single though.

6. Leo Smith - "Divine Love"
I initially got this record because of the fact that the cover is so great.

7. Labradford - "by Chris Johnston, Craig Markva, Jamie Evans,"
I bought this record in Chicago a few weeks ago. I discovered its brilliance through Björn Magnusson a few years back.

8. Digable Planets - "Black Ego"
I know that "Blowout Comb" is considered the masterpiece when it comes to the Digable Planets but I always preferred "Reachin'...". This is a great song though.