torsdag, december 06, 2007

The finest guitar sound of 2007

Madamm is coming strong in 2008, so watch out.
I've spent a few months of 2007 touring with someone that has been keeping her own recordings on the low down in a very humble manner. It's going to be hard to keep doing that once her cover version of the Förmögenhet song "Tummen upp" is released in 2008. The song will be featured on a Förmögenhet tribute CD that will also feature Tsukimono and the V. Sjöberg Singers among others.
The Madamm version of "Tummen upp" is spectacular in so many ways; the guitar sound is the best I heard this year...raw and strangely melodic, the phrasing of every word, the back up singing in the chorus, the way the guitar riff melds with the'll have to listen for yourself in due time.