tisdag, december 18, 2007

Phrasing of the year

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1 : style of expression : phraseology
2 : the act, method, or result of grouping notes into musical phrases

Alright so Most Valuable Players released two songs this year and they both make my top ten of favorite songs this year. They can be found here. (Scroll down.) I really liked their longplayer "You in honey". And I loved their show in Gothenburg that divided the crowd in more than two.
But in 2007 they were playing in a league of their own. "Rondo" is the obvious smash hit but the subtle "Open night" compliments it beautifully. "Open night" also contains what is to me the group's greatest lyrical moment so far. It follows the line "and in the night we saw the day awaken";
colours without names

e.e. cummings with handclaps.

These songs are really good.