måndag, juni 30, 2008

Garden strings

Here's a few words from sunny California.
I've been working on finishing the album that will be released as "Breakfast in America" (I used to refer to it as "Foursquare") and today I was working with some very soft strings (originally played by Marla Hansen) and as I was doing this the song of the crickets and an assortment of other noises crept through the screen door and became a crucial part of the piece. So I took my computer outside and placed it on an old metal bench and let the strings perform a duet with nature. That duet recorded and was later played back and recorded in the same place. This recording isn't really a reflection of what the album is going to sound like, but I like the fact that it has both a raw as well as a sacral quality to it. And at times it sounds almost like an exotic relative of the "Guldheden" song that me and Jonas recorded together, featured on Fang Bomb's "Gothenburg 08" compilation.
Here it is: Garden Strings (mp3, zShare).