torsdag, september 11, 2008

Praise gosh

I found out this morning that a new Mitch Hedberg album was released this past Tuesday. I have already placed my order and I am excited beyond words.
Check it out here.

This is what Mitch's wife Lynn Shawcroft has to say about it all:

Hey. Hows it going?

The name of this CD - Do You Believe In Gosh? was a line that Mitch wrote in a notebook. I read it shortly after he died, and, well, it just kinda kept turning around in my head ever since. I like it . . . I love it.

I hope that you are excited to hear Mitch tell some more jokes, 'cos here they are. In early 2005 Mitch was working on and figuring out new material for a CD he was hoping to record at the end of the year. He passed away that March, but luckily we taped some shows he did at the Improv in Ontario, CA in january '05, and this album is pulled from those recordings. . . It's just a show he did with some new jokes, some ideas and just some plain ol' fucking around. A live comedy show is like that.

We'll never be able to hear what would have been Mitch's final vision for the record, but hopefully you'll enjoy the closest thing we can get to it.

Mitch said that he got into comedy so that he could always wear his shirt untucked. Especially while he worked. He was the most generous guy I have ever met and I thank him for leaving us the sound of his voice, his laugh, and his funniness.

Untuck your shirt,
July 2008