torsdag, november 20, 2008

My Spiritual Indian

Eddie Palmieri.
I've been aware of this name for some years, and I think I first saw it on the Nu Yorican Soul album that my mother bought in Paris back in 1998. I've never heard a lot of his solo material and it seems that some of it is a little too traditional latin band stuff for me to really get down on my knees, but the other day I stumbled on this song on a blog (can't remember where, sorry).
I was totally hooked from just the first few seconds. The intro sounds like what we could be caught doing with the V.S. New Jazz Ensemble and it is just marvellous. Then it fires into this fairly straight latin groove that's eventually being challenged by that brilliant tumbling piano playing and eventually a terribly overdriven fuzz guitar seals the deal. It's magic.

Eddie Palmieri - "My Spritual Indian"

It's available here (linking it just because it took me a while to find it so I want to spare anyone those 10 minutes in case you feel the same way I do about this song.)