måndag, mars 30, 2009

Here come those santa ana winds again


Back in the early summer days of 2003 I read a remarkably well written text that made me type the words "Rocky Dennis" into a text entry box. This action resulted in me downloading four songs that at the time were considered to be the work of Rocky Dennis, a mysterious character living somewhere in my hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden.

I went and saw Rocky Dennis perform live about a month later and was intrigued by his stage presence, his voice and how well his effective use of samples worked in a live context. The seemingly rehearsed crowd heckling completed the overall feeling; I was witnessing something truly special.

The months passed and I learned that the character of Rocky Dennis never really existed. This music was created by Jens Lekman. He quickly rose to fame and but even as his albums made the charts he continued to release severely limited editions and seemed to be working overtime to maintain that special feeling that was so crucial to the magic of his initial endeavors.

I started corresponding with Jens by ordering his first self released seven inch single. It arrived wrapped in cut up banana boxes. In early 2007 we played our first show together and I have since then been traveling the world as a part of the Jens Lekman experience. I still stand by my five year old statement that Jens Lekman is the greatest pop singer since Neil Tennant.

The Jens Lekman performance at The Loft is the logical final installment of a series that celebrates artists that possess the rare ability to capture and express the beauty of everyday life.

05/26/09 San Diego, CA - The Loft - UCSD
05/27/09 Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
05/28/09 Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
05/29/09 Santa Barbara, CA - Velvet Jones
05/30/09 San Luis Obispo, CA - SLO Art Center
06/01/09 San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
06/02/09 San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
06/03/09 Eugene, OR - WOW Hall
06/04/09 Seattle, WA - Crocodile Cafe
06/05/09 Seattle, WA - Crocodile Cafe
06/06/09 Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
06/07/09 Vancouver, BC - TBA