söndag, juni 21, 2009

Ok, ok. We're done now.

This photo was taken last night in Santiago, Chile. We played a fantastic last show in an old salt factory. My midi controller was stolen the previous night in Buenos Aires so I had to do the show by funking the laptop mouse. It went well.

This morning I went to the airport at 5 AM and went I got there I was rushed onto a different flight than I was originally supposed to go on, with no real reason given (at least this was not delivered in English). My check in bag was left behind sans luggage tag and I still don't know if I'll ever see it again. I am currently in Sao Paulo enjoying a lovely 10 hour layover. I am juggling the two activities of trying to not fall asleep and checking in on the status of my lost bag.

With that said: I am coming back to California (and later, Sweden). I can't wait.

And mail correspondence should be back to normal fairly soon.