torsdag, oktober 22, 2009

We're celebrating New Years Eve in Chicago! (Brief recap.)

Chicago by you.
My first visit to Chicago was with Daniel in 2006. We stayed at the Motel 6 in Schiller Park. It was a tremendous time.

This was the best photo I took in Chicago that time around.

Logan Square Auditorium by you.
When I returned to Chicago the following year we played here. Logan Square Auditorium.

Chicago sleepy time. by you.
This is where I slept that night.

We returned to Logan Square Auditorium in the early spring of 2008 and I don't have any photos of that apparently. It was pretty cool, but maybe not as great as my other visits. I remember walking with Tammy to get some mexican food and putting on Steve Reich as the pre-show music. Oh yeah, this show was when my computer froze for the first time. Classic!

Wedding! by you.
In October of last year I was flown in to play music at an absolutely fantastic wedding in Chicago. It was a perfect couple of days.

Hotel room in Chicago by you.
Early this summer we spent a day in Chicago on our way from Alaska to Brazil. We stayed at a nice hotel and I did some Chicago shopping.

King. by you.
Get ready Chicago, I (and a few other major players in the game of life) will be back for New Years Eve, playing at the Empty Bottle with the Jens Lekman experience.