söndag, september 12, 2004


Dizzee Rascal – “Stand Up Tall” (…)
Aeron Bergman – ”The Tale of the Unhappy American” (only heard it once so far. As expected, I LIKE it.)
Jens Lekman – “I killed a party again”
Diplo – “Florida”
Hood + Themselves – “(Split)” (alex, I actually like the themselves song more. I think.)
Eluvium – “An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death”
Mulholland Drive OST
Daedelus – “The Quiet Party”
Mr. Fingers – “You can feel it”
Kelis – “Trick Me” (see previous post)
Eluvium – “Lambent Material” (revisiting one of my favourites from last year.)
“The Wire Tapper 11”
Beach Boys – “Pet Sounds” (I was very angry that day.)
Fennesz – “Endless Summer” (I thought it would be appropriate.)
Angie Stone – “U-Haul” (without a doubt; THE song of 2004.)
Jay-Z – “The Blueprint”
(I like catching on to really big things a few years later. Easy. Er.)
Kim Hiorthoy – “For the Ladies” (one of the finest of 2004.)
Yuichiro Fujimoto – “Komorebi” (I love “small mountain”. And the cover, of course.)
Max Richter – “The Blue Notebooks” (really starting to grow on me. I recommend sleeping to it. Some people like drinking whiskey to it.)

DJ Shadow – “In Tune and On Time DVD”
“Rabbits” Episodes 1-8. (David Lynch)

Ok, back to work.