söndag, september 12, 2004


Today I have been listening to lots of Dizzee Rascal, but I have also been enjoying the company of three artists that happen to be japanese.


Toshiyuki Kobayashi's "Drawing Speed Coloring Time". (This a picture of a car designer by the name of Toshiyuki Kobayashi. I can't seem to find a picture of the Kobayashi that released this record on Lucky Kitchen.)

Toshiya Tsunoda's "Extract from field recording archive #2: the air vibration inside a hollow". (Googleimage isn't coming through with pictures of japanese sound artists. This isn't the cover art for this particular record, I just thought it looked nice. Attention! Do you own this record? I would be interested in obtaining a copy. Reasonably priced, of course. It was the first release on Häpna.)

Aki Onda's "Precious Moments". (This is actually a picture of Aki Onda. An absolutely beautiful record. "Incredible". This is a good source for information on Aki Onda.)