måndag, september 13, 2004

a song written by andreas tilliander

Some time last year, Andreas Tilliander decided to put some excerpts from his upcoming Rechord album online. I downloaded them and I immediately became very anxious to hear the album in its entirety. I think there were two very pretty songs that featured Japanese singer Piana. Or maybe just one. To be honest, I can’t really remember any specifics.

What I do remember is this; one of these 60-second-mp3’s was one of the very best things I heard last year.

The pictures that these 60 seconds manage to evoke are best described in Swedish. “Ödslighet.“ I guess the English translation would be “desolation”.

From Merriam Webster (www.m-w.com);
Pronunciation: "de-s&-'lA-sh&n, "de-z&-
Function: noun
1 : the action of desolating
4 : barren wasteland”

I think “barren wasteland” comes pretty close. Pretty close.

A couple of days ago I was finally able to hear the full version of this song. I think this is the most emotional piece I have ever heard from Andreas Tilliander.

A couple of months after first hearing the news about this new Rechord material I find out that Andreas has decided to release it as Mokira instead.

And now, September 2004. The album will be out soon. I find out that dotshop.se has saved the day by taking care of distribution in Sweden. The album will be called “FFT POP”. I am directed to a new home page with information on the album. It contains the same 60-second-mp3’s I heard about a year ago.

And it gets better.

The song I knew and loved as rechord_3.mp3 (I think) has a new title.

It is called “hassleholm”.


Can you say “PERFECTION”?

I remember driving through Hässleholm a couple of months before me and Veronica moved there. I knew very little of this small city. (Former home of Andreas Tilliander, “the hotbed of Swedish electronica”, someone said.) A couple of months later, I became friends with a boy in Hässleholm. He makes brilliant music. One of his primary tools is a laptop once owned by Tilliander.

Six o’clock in the morning, walking down that big, majestic and lonely street. It seems to be neverending. Fog. Peace.

Driving home in the rain. (Was it really raining? I guess so. My face was wet.)


This music makes me extremely happy.

"FFT POP" is being released by the japanese label cubicfabric. Their description of the artist behind "FFT POP" is rather brilliant.

"Andreas Tilliander aka Mokira is regarded as one of the most important key in a world of electronic music from Sweden."

This is the best sentence;
"It could be said that Mokira is Tilliander's primal project now."

Listen to those 60 seconds of “hassleholm” here. The album is available for pre-ordering here.