måndag, september 13, 2004

go to bed

Yesterday I wrote about falling asleep to "The Blue Notebooks" by Max Richter. "The Disintegration Loops" by William Basinski also does the job. I first tried it in the early days of summer, and it was a very pleasurable experience.
Last night, I was up very late, writing an essay that I had been postponing to the very last minute. As I went to bed, reading this interview with Aki Onda, I put on "dlp 6". Maybe it was all that coffee or just stress, but I wasn't really enjoying it. Exhausted, I waited for the 40 minutes to end, too tired to get out of bed and turn the music off. At the 38 minute mark, I finally did though. I immediatly fell asleep and woke up less then two hours later to what sounded like a fire alarm.

More on "The Disintegration Loops" in Swedish;
Björn Magnusson, introduktör.