onsdag, december 29, 2004

catching up

Finally getting my hands on the physical objects that contain some of the finest music of 2004.

Kim Hiorthøy - "For The Ladies"
This was fresh. The man himself cancelling his Club iDEAL gig in the very last minute was definatly not. (Hej J Neij!)

Stephan Mathieu - "On Tape"
I haven't really heard this record, apart from the small sample that can be found right here: http://www.hapna.com/ontape.mp3. (Här finns en fin text on skivan.)

Greg Davis - "Somnia"
I found out about this only last week. I immediatly realised that it was essential. The cover is not that appealing though. Here's some sounds:
Diaphonous (edit)