onsdag, januari 12, 2005

the brown bunny

In his recent "Best films of 2004"-rundown, my friend Bert described "The Brown Bunny" as the "best melancholy of the year", but by then I had already decided that I had to see it. In October, Bert posted his "advise for making Vincent Gallo's "The Brown Bunny" a lovely viewing experience". Let me share them with you:

"please do not read anything anyone says about this film (so start with skipping these paragraphs). just watch it. be that blank sheet for once.

this film is to be enjoyed while you think, while you daydream, while you wander, while you make love, while you put on gallo's when record, while you have a whiskey, while you smile, while you shed a tear.

it will hum and buzz around your eyes and ears.
it will take time to tell its story.
it will annoy, it will amaze.
but it's honest and not the least bit exploitative.
forget the buzz, the cumshots and gallo's big underpants.
it is all part of the story trust me.
so be that road.
don't clean your car window.
listen to
soundtrack bliss.
Jeff Alexander - Come Wander With Me
Jackson C. Frank - Milk and Honey
thank you."

I finally saw "The Brown Bunny". I can tell you that "best melancholy of the year" is 100% on point. It is sad, occasionally disturbing and heartwrenching.

Visit http://www.brownbunny.net/ and view both trailers. That is all.