tisdag, januari 11, 2005

posts that never made it

I had grand plans for the first year with elefanten and while a few nice posts reached its visitors, some of the best posts were never written. Here's a rundown:

* review of Alejandra & Aeron's fine 2004 release "Lost Cat".
* massive retrospective investigation of all things Alejandra & Aeron.
* "the "PopArt" DVD"- pts. 2-100.
* the Busdriver interview (and this one was not my fault. really.)
* q & a with the discjockey with the best name in the world: DJ DOCTOR ROCK. ("Hello DJ Doctor Rock. Would you be so kind as to provide me with a list of your ten favorite songs right now? Songs that you would play to get the party started.")

I am hoping that I will find some way to combine the first two and that this will happen in 2005.