onsdag, januari 26, 2005

that song the wires sing

#1: Albert Ayler interview excerpts (July 27, 1970 in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France). (HOLY GHOST-BOXEN OMGWTF!1!1!!1!!)

#2: "I didn't pick the music, I was dancing at the bar." Soft Pink Truth - Invisible Jukebox extract - tested by Anne Hilde Neset.

#3: Someone tell me about Christian Renou. His song on Wire Tapper 12 is marvellous.


Other recent listening:

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - "Red by the movement of a hand" (link)
The Lost Domain - "Sailor, Home from the Sea" (link)
Ruins - "Ales stenar" (link)
The Radio Dept. - "This Past Week"
Recent Alejandra & Aeron *.mp3's. (link)