tisdag, januari 25, 2005

what's so good about goodbye?

Follow this link.
Highly anticipated, this release might see the light of day this year. "Hopefully by summer", to quote the artists. (If you do some investigating, you might traces of audio somewhere @ luckykitchen.com.)

(illustration by aeron bergman "everybody i know got an ipod for xmas")

Also: a new issue of "this land is your land" have been out for a week or two. Lots of good stuff, for instance, Aeron lets Chris Watson know that he shows no emotion at all, there is an overview of the japanese Amorfone label and "poemes & stories" like this one;
i saw a cop crying soft
softly to himself & noone else
i asked are u ok
he said go away

like a sad sad girl who’s crying
i feel blue
can’t get used to not being
close to u