fredag, mars 04, 2005

elefanten's hot this summer-list

* Actually purchasing the mighty Deathprod-box is a huge step towards an enjoyable future. Listening to it, on the floor with the little pup; sleeping and dreaming and droning. Incredible.

* Walking through Gothenburg on my way home from the central station, I am listening to "Funcrusher Plus". During "Population Control", the raps and beats are suddenly backed up by a wonderful drone. It turns out that it is a huge vacuum cleaner standing in the street; blowing, blowing, blowing. Magic music moment.

* Fleetwood Mac - "Landslide".

* Finding out that Jacob Kirkegaard's islandic earth recordings will be released by Touch.

This CD consists of geothermal recordings of vibrations in the ground around the area of Krisuvik, Geysir and Myvatn in Iceland. The recordings have been carried out using accelerometers, vibration sensor microphones. These are stuck into the earth at various places around the geysirs, mapping the sonic aspects of volcanic activity at the surface of the earth. A stick can be attached, to be inserted into - for example - the earth at desired places. Eldfjall was recorded during January and August 2004.

* Tweet feat. Missy Elliot - "Turn off the lights". The biggest Missy-connoisseur in the elefanten household is surprisingly not a fan of this song. Myself, I can't get enough of it. "Yo. This so sick I gotta take it back one more time. Haa."

* Brainwashed: The Eye. I might be the last person in the world to become aware of this's a nice collection of video interviews. I watched the Keith Fullerton Whitman interview and enjoyed it a lot.