torsdag, maj 12, 2005

thurday two

Bought a 'pod a few weeks ago and although the "random" function isn't exactly a new feature, I have never used it on any other music playing device. But anyway, I have been trying it out in the last couple of days. And the other day I had a peculiar experience; sitting on the train home from Borås, half sleeping I wake up to the silent dripping sounds of one of the songs on Alejandra & Underwood's "Notebooks on Cities and Clothes" and to the realization that I am about to miss my stop. As I walk out of the station, approaching Korsvägen, Billie Holiday comes on, singing

If I should take a notion
To jump into the ocean
Ain't nobody's business if I do

As I reach Korsvägen, the third piece of the puzzle fills my head. "Don't go near the water" is the message that is being delivered by The Beach Boys. I think about the storm breaking within my heart and how these three songs seemed to be variations on the same theme.
"Don't go near the water" ends and over a double bass line, Aceyalone is trying to tell me that "this is not a love song". Who does he think that he is fooling?
And who am I fooling?


Me and Jonas Lindgren did some recording the other night. A great experience that resulted in some nice music. More here.