tisdag, juli 12, 2005

this love

Caption: me and my friend Douglas. I am wearing my Nosordo-tshirt. Douglas doesn't own a Nosordo-tshirt yet.

Nosordo is a label that fills my heart with joy. Aside from the classic split-cd by Ljudbilden & Piloten / Osso bucco they have released two compilations in the last couple of months. I just got the latest one today. It's called "Rojo" and you should check it out here. If you are wondering if it's any good, let me just tell you this: this compilation contains two songs that I consider among the best I have ever heard.

The first one is the first officially released song by the best group in Sweden right now; "Referencia (early version)" by Conduo Orchestra. If you do not feel the blood rushing trough your body and killing your every fear and doubt when you hear this music, then I don't know what to tell you. I just know that I am so happy that there is such a thing as Conduo Orchestra.

The second song is by Tsukimono and when I first heard it a year ago it was called "I live in the world noise". The new title is "Small is beautiful (For E.F. Schumacher)". It doesn't matter. It is the sound of hearts breaking, orchestrated in the most beautiful way possible.