torsdag, augusti 18, 2005

a gothenburg diary (summer 2005)

The first preparations will be recorded in ten minutes. This is the place to stay posted. Back soon. 2004.

Walking from location #1 to location #2. Late.

The view from the street.


This will basically be the shoot. But the camera should be tilted towards the sky somewhat.

The best thing about this: while I was shooting, a young couple walked up the stairs. I was greeted by a "OH SHIT!" followed by another "OH SHIT!". Somehow, I can't blame them. I greeted them and promised them that I wouldn't do it again.
The shoot. (Again, tilted up and moved back slightly.)
Retro. (Did I fall off?)
This will be a double DVD/CD release, just like the related project "Everyday life 2". Both of them will be available in double-DVD-cases wrapped in superb 4-color jackets. I will need some money to finance this, because I am putting them out myself and the first edition will be about 100 copies each. (If you are cool and want to put this out proper right away, contact me. It has huge culture lion potential and the national radio hookup is already solved. It will be 1 DVD with 24 minutes of sound and image and 1 CD with the sound that go with these images.) If you are just as cool: Paypal me, for each release, 100 SEK, 10 US dollars or 10 EURO to It's a decent deal, it includes shipping.

Thank you, Viktor Sjöberg, August 19 2005, Gothenburg Sweden.

Jonas Lindgren will assist me in this process. Quality. Tech-guru.
This just in: The best sound-writer in Sweden will provide liner notes for this release.
GOOD NEWS: The payments are slowly rolling in now...IMPORTANT: "Personal accounts cannot accept debit or credit card payments." Use some other type of payment.
Please keep that skrillah flowing. It is really helping the shipping times and everything else. Thank you very much.