måndag, augusti 22, 2005

at last


Det här är det jag vill göra. viktorsjoberg@gmail.com Hör av er om ni vill hjälpa till! Tack! Allt är välkommet: musik, formgivning, texter. Pengar. Tjänster och allmän vänlighet uppskattas lika högt som allt annat. Tack så mycket för att ni stod ut med mig. Jag var tvungen att bygga upp det på det här sättet. För min egen skull. Nu gör vi det tillsammans.

Jag tror att ni kanske känner på mig vad det är jag vill ha. Men jag hoppas att ni fortsätter att överraska mig. Tack för allt.


Easy but very important support: if you'd like to.



These delicious shirts can be ordered through Mad House Records. They are 159 SEK. Email madhouse@swipnet.se


structures sonores CD1:

svenskt spektrum titel TBA

en eller flera låtar från


"action happy"

le bombe



david bremer

v.sjöberg tapeimprov

tomas bodén/discolor


Here's some music and pictures from the first structures sonores edition:

http://www.ddrecords.com/viktor/islands - untitled1.avi





More later. If anyone can help me contact Le Bombe, I would be very happy.


structures sonores CD2:

fullängdscd/ep med le bombe


structures sonores CD/LP3:



mvh, viktor.




BRUSFEST på restaurang Smak
Live: Tsukimono (Komplott/Fukk God Lets Create)
Ljudbilden & Piloten (Nosordo)
Nosordo Beast
DJs: All Spec Kit DJ (Komplott)
B-Unit aka Adde Addelito & Chris Beats (Brus)
Fredag 26 augusti, kl 18-02, fri entré

10th of September at Ljudkullen, Scaniaparken, Malmö (SWE):
The Idealist
Fria Konstellationen

12th of November at Inkonst, Chokladfabriken, Malmö (SWE).
Full schedule will be posted soon. Full Pull is coming your way thanks to Komplott, Laika, Starfield Simulation and Nosordo


Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words.

I've got two hobbies. Bitterness and Punk Rock. The former constantly fed but the latter receives its fixes on a much more irregular basis. Usually it's in the form of some new dusty, crackling flexi or oh so sweet vinyl, but today I got two books that will feed my addictifurtherher. First off, I got the first book on Swedish punk. I can't say that it's a revelatoryory experience, but it's an okay read, especial consideringing it cost me 44 kronor. The real reason for my book order was Burning Britain. Ever since I first got my hands on the often slagged American Hardcore I've been wanting to read something similar about the English scene of the same period. Mainly because that's the kind of Punk I grew up on. I didn't really have great hopes for this book because Cherry Red have always seemed at bit dodgy to me but judging by the reviews I've read it might turn out to be a good read.


Erik De Vahl.




Love letters straight from your heart
Keep us so near while apart
I'm not alone in the night
When I can have all the love you write




"Ten minute man (put in work)"


V.Sjöberg - Two tape improvisations.

"Good times (for karin & petter)"
(Friday afternoon) (Notes tomorrow.)

"Correlations, pt.1 (for Aki Onda & Olivier)" (Sunday evening) (Notes later.)

These are spur of the moment artefacts. Maybe the will hold no value to you. Maybe I will hate the third part of "Correlations" next week.


Shobus (Active Suspension & Clapping Music)















The Embassy.




Mr. Suitcase.


Om man googlar Mr.Suitcase så träffar den massor av magic the gathering-länkar och såna kortspelssaker. En Mr. Suitcase är nämligen termen för "A player who has a limitless budget for cards and shows up at a game with an entire suitcase of rares.".. .

Det känns ju inte så kul. Jag menar.. No way att Mr.Suitcase skulle ha tid med att samla och spela kort. Han kan unna sig ett parti Minsvep eller två när planet blivit försenat på Schippoll, men knappast mer än så. hmm.


Listen closely to this sound: (truly a label for a movement)











These kids are younger than us. And they tear it up. Give them love.


Henrik Kihlberg.

Brev från pappa. (You owe yourselves this one. If you miss it...it is truly YOUR LOSS.)


Lots more fuzz, prog, soul and booty tomorrow.


Library school starts again in five hours. Busy days.


Finally, if you are curious: email me. But keep this in mind:

Let me throw a statement at you: your music is rather masturbative.

It definitely is. All of our stuff is. But you know it also is over indulgent and emotional. So we ask to be taken very serious with that, but then we are constantly mocking ourselves on record. And we mock ourselves in public and we are humble. So, as masturbative as it is, it ends up being sort of silly. As much as we inflate our own balloon, we are taking our own air out as well. But at least it's not macho.


Do not ever break my heart again. Don't hurt me or any of these people.