måndag, augusti 15, 2005


First off, if you found this page wanting to listen to the two elefanten (sonores) mixes, do it here.


Shobus blog.

Fact: O.Lamm's "Hello Spiral" was one of few really inventive albums released last year.
Fact: Active Suspension-artists are once again (and ever more so than ever) showing that they unique and refreshing in the field of laptop-based artists through their japan-tour being documented here.

Here's something O.Lamm wrote on the blog that captures some of the beauty of this thing:

"as we were seeking for some nice buildings with nice roofs that we could get on to play some music, yesterday morning in asakusa, some guy saw me from the street and asked me to come down. i don't know if it was about privacy, or about something else. i don't even know if he was an inhabitant of the building, or just some old cranky asshole who couldn't stand the view of four gaijin guys with beards and stupid smiles on their faces in a japanese household. i could only babble a few words about visiting a friend (and used the word "todomachi" instead of "tomodachi") and feel like a very guilty kid who just performed some meaningless minor transgression.

but one fact remains: he had every right to ask us to get the hell out of that private place, and the fact that a meaningful part of our project is about playing music and sound in public and private spaces, where we are not invited to play music and sound, is quite a problematic issue precisely because we are doing it in japan.


because we actually CAN do it."

And lastly, some correspondence:
sonores said...

This, and practically everything else here, is truly brilliant. I will write about it at elefanten.blogspot.com but for now let me just say that it was cool to eat good food w/ you and to watch you play piano when the power went out in Gothenburg, Sweden (I was that guy that was supposed to be DJ:ing). Good times.

dabite barura said...

haha ! Very strange moment for us in Gothenburg ! That power out had been so strange ! Misterious ghost attack! Thank you so much for your support. I hope we can meet again maybe in Sweden next year.. I (davide balula) will maybe not be part of the next sweden tour as i already been there twice a year.. so you will certainly meet Domotic and O.Lamm I guess.

sonores said...

Yes, the power breakdown was kind of perfect I think. Just as the laptopjam went from "reaching" to really interesting (as many improvisational sessions tend to do, from my own experience) some higher power (uh) decided that "that's just about right just there."

The same thing can be said about the o.lamm performance i think. I enjoyed it even more than the malmö show actually. Because just as he introduced some new elements that for me was the real high point of the show (some rockish guitar, i think) the computer crashed. It was sort of like an open ending to a film, in a way. (I'm sure Olivier does not agree with me at all on this!)

I promise to not be as shy next time, but you all seemed a bit tired and not real chatty and when everyone cheered up later in the night I felt it was a bit to late to strike up a conversation. :)

Be good, all of you. For how long will the tour go on?

odot said...

thanks for posting. it is nice of you to write, as i was actually quite embarassed to realise that it was actually you in gothenburg once i wasa back in france and looked at the program. sorry for not talking to you - it is true we were exhausted, and quite shy, also. anyway, we ll meet again this fall, hopefully...

sonores said...

olivier: don't be embarrased. hope to see you soon, then!


This goes way back to the times when Wes was a hillarious kid on a mailinglist that I frequented. And I just saw it yesterday thanks to Daily Dolores. It's such a brilliant video and in a way it reminds me of the best video in the world, "Being Boring", it that that it is overflowing with positive emotions. Are you scared to get happy?


More, great stuff, later.