lördag, september 17, 2005

the sunset is deeper and longer

Left to right; Hurt, Dead.

So, first and foremost; a legendary Saturday afternoon in Gothenburg. The self proclaimed "Frankensteins monster of glitchpunk" was brought back from the other side of that river and oh how sweet it was. Jonas Lindgren brought his melancholic buzz and a twirling sense of melody. I am so happy that I finally got to see him play. The best song that I heard this month is “The Sun Comes Out Tomorrow” of Jonas Lindgrens new EP. It is the other side of boyband-keychains and you better listen here.
When the Dead of Dead+Hurt joined the Hurt behind the counter, the tension built rapidly. Contact-mic-proto-house, “personligen hatar jag bade fascism och nazism”-soundbites and subtle rhythms. Legendary living.
As Hurt left his spot behind the counter, Dead did his laptop-less Dead Letters-thing and I am fairly certain that it was the best Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words-show that I have ever seen. No drone pop, just minimalist romantic brutalism. Walkman, cd-player, MD and lots of effects. And one more thing, once again; headz just ain’t ready for the upcoming chapters of Dead Letters.


And yeah, there was great evening at Club iDEAL last night. The musical highpoint for me was the “dom är också stora vita isbjörnar”-part of the Appelqvist/Skoglund-set and Tape. Tape came off very strong and reminded me just how much I love their music.

So, I got to see four of my absolute favourite bands in less than 16 hours. Good times.

These events were blogged better and faster here and here and there are photos that kills my photos here.