tisdag, oktober 24, 2006

2 3 things

1. Review of the Sonores album up at Aversionline.

2. There is a new mp3-release by Tsukimono up at Komplott. It's called "Études" and you should head on over right away. I have to add this though; Komplott's new "Enter your email address to activate the download."-policy is on some bullshit. Yeah I said it. Explain the underlying reasons for this sillyness to me and I might change my mind, but...sheesh.

3. Friendly Noise gives you their...


Friendly Noise celebrates its fourth birthday with a big happening (aka FYN 35) in Gothenburg, in co-operation with Koloni, on 4 November, 20:00, at Underjorden in Gothenburg. Address: Brahegatan 11, station: SKF, age: 20, entrance: SEK 60

This will happen:

Testbild! vs Viktor Sjöberg
Most Valuable Players

DJ: Stepbrother Ernest
Record releases: Friendly Noise releases two 3″ records, available this night only. Differnet, “mpkg Vol 2 - Chocolate Edition” (FYN 36) and Viktor Sjöberg, “… Imagines A House” (FYN 37).
Film: A selection of silent film and art films by Cecil M Hepworth, Bill Viola, Tony Conrad, Emile Cohl, Joseph Beuys, Gary Hill, Slavko Vorkapich, Mary Ellen Bute and others.
Record sale: all the latest Friendly Noise releases will be available.

More info and listening here:
www.koloni.tk (Koloni)
www.friendlynoise.se (Friendly Noise)
www.myspace.com/internationalbyzantinemachines (Differnet)
www.testbild.org (Testbild!)
www.structuressonores.com/work (Viktor Sjöberg)
www.myspace.com/mvpmvp (Most Valuable Players)

(...) high resolution images: http://www.friendlynoise.se/images.html