måndag, oktober 23, 2006

this nice weekend contained

*good shows from luigi archetti + bo wiget and dead letters spell out dead words

*new cd's and records to enjoy!

*boxed chill out and the like

*a very very special saturday evening with sonores (pictured above and furthermore documented at the flickr and by den aldrig sovande glitchpunkungdomen right here (click that pic...or not). thanks to jonas, gustav and li for pictures. thank you everyone. thank you jonas and elisabet.

*a nice sunday. me and gustav made plans for the future, we went with li to världskulturmuseet and then i took the tram to visit my friends in kärralund. a walk in the woods, truly wonderful indian cuisine, experimental brownies (no, not the belgian kind, mind you) and a great time.

ready for a new week.