måndag, augusti 25, 2008

Some Structures Sonores News!

Almost to the day two years after our first release, the Sonores "Elefanten" album, I am finally here to bring you some very good news. Structures Sonores are proud to be able to present a glorious addition to our roster; Auton.

Auton has amazed me ever since I first heard their music back in 2004, when Douglas Holmquist sent me three songs that he had recorded with his friends Rickard Heberling and Petter Samuelsson.
Auton was, along with Conduo Orchestra and a few others, really the main reason that made me want to release a compilation of contemporary Swedish music. You'll see this compilation, "While We're Learning to Forget", mentioned below. This CD will perhaps never see the light of day, as the debut album of Auton, called "Any where out of the world" is a so much stronger document of what could be accomplished in the early days of the 21st century in a tiny country up north. It something genuine and heartfelt and to me it is something truly original.

More information shall follow shortly. We're aiming at an early October release date, including a small Swedish tour.

That's the cover art...brace yourself for the final visual experience...it's going to be trancendental.

And it's http://structuressonores.com/label for those that might not be in the know.