onsdag, september 03, 2008


The minuscule gestures and strangely impersonal piano phrases of 'Freee? I Can't Even Spell The Word' actually offer one of the more 'boisterous' moments on this sublimely slight and considered album, and even the most intense passages here will require either your full attention or a supremely cranked volume knob.
A short but pretty sweet review of the V. Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble album at Boomkat. It's sold out there but you can get it through a lot of other mailorders, listed here.

Another fine review is to be found at Mapsadaisical:
It is (...) a thing of great beauty and deceptive simplicity, two ideals well worth fighting for.

As mentioned in the previous post, the Auton album is on it's way and it just arrived at the doorstep of the Structures Sonores offices and it looks smashing. The official release date is set to October 1st and promo copies shall be going out shortly. If you are a writer or some other form of intriguing personality and you want to offer your opinion of this release to the public, email me at viktorsjobergATgmail.com and I'll send you a copy.

The aforementioned Auton minitour is in the works and right now it looks like this:

Saturday October 25: Gothenburg (More information and acts TBA)
Sunday October 26: Stockholm, Kulturhuset LAVA (with some sort of V. Sjöberg Jazz Happening)

In the meantime, hit up the Auton myspace for samples of the album of the year.

Other excitement includes a near completed mix of the long delayed Ring Snuten EP and a performance at the Geiger festival in Gothenburg alongside the talent of Emelie Jonazon, Frida Thurfjell and Richard Widerberg.

Lastly, I am so so psyched for my upcoming show in

(Image stolen from http://somuchpileup.blogspot.com/ a great collection of vintage design. My favorite, not surprising, is this Amtrak poster.)