torsdag, oktober 09, 2008

Auton Promos

Hey hey! I sent out a big batch of promos today (well actually, copies of the actual record in all its glory). If you feel that you might be missing from the Big Structures Sonores Promo List and would like to hear the record and write about it, talk about it, broadcast it and use it in your upcoming blockbuster movie, please write me at viktorsjoberg AT and I will send you a copy. In fact I will even include a printed version of the fabulous one sheet which is presented below.


Artist: Auton
Album title: Any Where Out of the World
Format: Compact Disc
Catalogue #: Structures Sonores #2

This trio has amazed me ever since I first heard their music back in 2004, when Douglas Holmquist sent me three songs that he had recorded with his friends Rikard Heberling and Petter Samuelsson. The music that I later came to know as Auton meant a departure from the synthesizer driven energetic pop that Douglas and Rikard had a hand in creating as part of their previous band, Dr. Higgins, but although Auton was much more contemplative both groups shared the same strong sense of melody and clever arrangements.

"Any where out of the world" is a document of what could be accomplished in the early days of the 21st century in a small country up north.

In the liner notes to this album Petter Herbertsson writes (in Swedish) about how when he heard the first Auton release, a three inch CD-R ep, he put it in his top three list of the best records ever recorded in Sweden. If you listen to this album (which includes these original recordings along with fresh beauty) I think you will come to the conclusion that Herbertssons use of words is not in the least bit exaggerated. In fact, when I heard this same release I was totally floored. I couldn’t believe that I had met the people that had created this music and even more so, I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that this marvellous music was released on a CD-R in an edition of 50 copies.
‘Cause really, even though you - just like me – have bought or been given numerous underground releases where you have thought “this is great!”, with most of them it is still possible to see why they are releases that will remain important to only a select few. (Maybe for other people this CD will constitute such a release, and that’s fine!) But every once in a long while you come across things that goes well beyond that and you wish that you could somehow share this unique experience with everyone. Releasing this CD is my attempt to do just that. Even if I never release another album I will years from now be able to look back on this moment and know that once upon a time I made the music of Auton available to the public and that will make me feel happy and content.