fredag, december 19, 2008

Things overlooked

My friend Johan Neij (pictured above) has since we started to get to know eachother about four years ago brought up the music of Anton Lennartsson every now and then. Johan is possibly the strongest supporter of the very exciting Swedish music scene that kind of came together at a workshop at Neon Gallery in Brösarp in 2004. Read/see about it here. Here's where I met and first played with Douglas Holmquist and Kristofer Ström. Here's where David Sjöberg did a classic anti-authority DJ-set. Anton Lennartsson took part in this workshop as well, but we never connected on any major level. I don't know why I never listened to Johan's advice to check out Anton's music (I did hear an EP back in the day that I wasn't that fond of) but I did listen to this one song today while going through old mp3-discs and I am blown away. It's incredibly beautiful and it was featured on a classic Swedish indie compilation (that I obviously never really got into either). I am assuming that this is from his Mjäll EP.

Anton - "Araf" (*.mp3)

This is my tribute to the passion of Johan Neij.