lördag, december 20, 2008

viktor sjöberg drinking a vertical epic ale and playing around with a few songs, december 2008.

Stone Vertical Epic 07.07.07 by jonas_l.

drank this great beer yesterday and recorded a live mix just for fun.
the mix is about 40 minutes long and it's very random at times. i went into it with a few slightly ambitious ideas and those are in there just kind of sliced between other songs that i like. it's a bit sloppy at times and i like that. all live except the intro addition of my favorite philadelphian men's choir, the silver ages, performing a swedish drinking song. also the daryl hall song at the end was faded in later.
it would be great and timely if this mix included a lot of great music from the past 12 months, but it doesn't. as far as i know only the byrne/eno-song and the moodymann track was released this year. oh well. it's what i felt like listening to on a cold december night in 2008.

download the vertical epic ale mix here. (*. mp3, 40 min, 56 MB)

read more about the ale here.

i'd rather that you'd listen to the mix before reading a tracklist but at the same time i rarely download a mix if i can't browse a tracklist so... it went something like this;

the silver ages - "helan går"
jeru - "me or the papes"
phil cordell - "red lady"
motor city drum ensemble - "stripped down"
kelley polar - "vocalise (from here to polarity)"
gang starr - "you know my steez"
aceyalone & p.e.a.c.e. - "microphones"
a tribe called quest - "electric relaxation"
motel crew - "don't ask permission"
holger czukay - "persian love"
state of grace - "that's when we'll be free"
david byrne & brian eno - "strange overtones"
motor city drum ensemble - "stripped down"
the klf - "build a fire"
the sea and cake - "le baron"
sharon redd - "beat the street"
sparks - "beat the clock"
moodymann - "freeki MF"
brotha brotha - "original mix"
luther vandross - "never too much"
mariam bagayogo - "miniyan ye koloni mme"
ten city - "that's the way love is"
akufen - "wet floors"
pierre's pfantasy club - "dream girl"
daryl hall - "the farther away i am"

(photo by jonsa l.)