tisdag, december 22, 2009

God jul

This year I decided to record my favorite Christmas song, "Gläns över sjö och strand", with some of my friends. We recorded the sounds in Sonores Studios in Gothenburg and performed the final version of the song live at the Kalligrammofon St. Lucia festivities in Malmö. It was a fantastic evening. Today a shorter rendition of the song is presented as a part of Högsbo & Hisingens Biblioteks Christmas Calender, and this is the version that I am sharing with you today.

Viktor Sjöberg - Gläns över sjö och strand (kort version) by viktorsjoberg

Saxofon & Rhodes: Frida Thurfjell.

Cello: Emma Augustsson.

Engineered by Jonas Odhner.

Happy Holiday wishes from Structures Sonores!