lördag, november 06, 2010

Breakfast in America is out!

It's actually out!

Get it here:

Viktor Sjöberg
Breakfast in America
Format: LP Price: $12.50
(SAINT49, St. Ives)

Viktor Sjöberg was born outside Gothenburg, Sweden in 1981 and has been crafting and releasing vaguely popular music since the late nineties. In later years he has been travelling the world performing with Jens Lekman and this record was largely recorded during these journeys, featuring Lekman and many other of Sjöberg's musical friends. "Breakfast in America" is based around a musical theme which was constructed by stealing some chords from a very famous pop song. It draws inspiration from the classic west coast AOR that Sjöberg grew up on and filters it through drone techniques, sample manipulation and jazzy pop sensibilities. "Breakfast in America" tells a story of love. The setting is Anywhere, USA.

It's also available on iTunes.

Get it get it!



tisdag, augusti 03, 2010

Lover Man release party: Malmö


Time: August 28 at 8:00pm - August 29 at 3:00am
Location: Rummet, St Gertrudsgatan 4b (vid Panora) - Malmö, Sweden

V.Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble släpper sitt andra album "Lover Man" på Kalligrammofon. Detta vill vi fira med spelningar och kalas på Rummet i Malmö. Konserterna kommer, liksom V.Sjöberg New Jazz Ensembles album, att kretsa kring jazzstandarden "Lover man" av J.Davis, R. Ramirez & J.Sherman.

LIVE: V.Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble & T.B.A.

Inträde: 60 kr alt. 100 kr (inklusive ett exemplar av VSNJE - Lover Man LP)
Billig bar och skönt häng utlovas.


Om V.Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble:

Viktor Sjöberg är en göteborgsmusiker född 1981 som genom åren rört sig chosefritt mellan instrumental hip-hop, mjuk abstrakt electronica, ny jazz och dansant popmusik. De senaste åren har han turnerat med, och varit en kärnmedlem i, Jens Lekmans liveband. Han har också släppt en soloskiva på Kalligrammofon, ett album med sin jazzensemble på iDeal och är nu aktuell med ett nytt soloalbum på amerikanska St Ives.

V.Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble har beskrivits som akustisk dronejazz och erbjuder klangvärldar som har mycket lite gemensamt med atonal improvisation och andra påstått fria uttryck som man vanligtvis associerar med modern jazz.

" In 2005 I named this
constellation the V. Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble. In a conversation that I once had with Douglas Holmquist, one of the original members of the V. Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble, he reflected on the fact that “free jazz” in the Ornette Coleman-sense was sort of followed by an implicit exclamation mark and that this exclamation mark seem to have evaporated as the phrase went from being a call to arms into being a description of something formulaic and institutionalized.

The reasons behind forming this group, the V. Sjöberg New Jazz
Ensemble, and calling it a New Jazz Ensemble isn’t really about
something as catchphrase-friendly as “bringing that exclamation mark back!” It is just a humble comment on the sad fact that a lot of the time the word jazz is very limiting, both in the mind of the consumer and from the point of view of the musician/producer. It shouldn’t have to be, you know?"

Om Lover Man:

Lover Man är V.Sjöberg New Jazz Ensembles andra album. Inspelat i Malmö, Göteborg och San Diego.

The ‘Lover man project’ is based around the song “Lover man” as
written by Jimmy Davis, Ram Ramirez and Jimmy Sherman. It was written for Billie Holiday and although her version might still be considered to be the most popular, it soon became the jazz standard that it is to this day.

Through performing "Lover man" we shall study the concept of freedom. Is it really all that free?



Om Kalligrammofon:

Kalligrammofon is a record label for experimental/pop & experimental pop music. Based in Malmö and operating since 2006. Releases include works from V.Sjöberg, Tsukimono, Dead Letters Spell out Dead Words, Senza Testa, Originalljudet & others.

V.Sjöbergs "Lover Man-projekt" får nu fysisk form som en vinyl LP på Kalligrammofon. Limiterad utgåva: 275 exemplar.



söndag, april 04, 2010

Sonores Studios


Hay hay,

you should really check this out.

Record your next album here:


High end vintage gear and the finest contemporary heart.

tisdag, mars 30, 2010

as of right now

if you want to read a blog written by me (and my friend jonas), you'll have to go here:


måndag, januari 18, 2010

So beautiful: Steve Reich's 'Electric Counterpoint III. Allegro' performed by the UST Guitar Ensemble.

(via prejka.)


burger414 (1 månad sedan)
Im sorry but this is a bad perfomance! You're not playing together, one's trying to play over the other, bad mixing, this needed to be rehearsed more.

ollieho89 (2 månader sedan)

stepahead2be (7 månader sedan)
the people listening look dead.

ieatcrayons822 (1 år sedan)
tune your guitars

woodros (1 år sedan)
wow, tuning

tisdag, december 22, 2009

God jul

This year I decided to record my favorite Christmas song, "Gläns över sjö och strand", with some of my friends. We recorded the sounds in Sonores Studios in Gothenburg and performed the final version of the song live at the Kalligrammofon St. Lucia festivities in Malmö. It was a fantastic evening. Today a shorter rendition of the song is presented as a part of Högsbo & Hisingens Biblioteks Christmas Calender, and this is the version that I am sharing with you today.

Viktor Sjöberg - Gläns över sjö och strand (kort version) by viktorsjoberg

Saxofon & Rhodes: Frida Thurfjell.

Cello: Emma Augustsson.

Engineered by Jonas Odhner.

Happy Holiday wishes from Structures Sonores!

onsdag, november 04, 2009

Ny musik för hållbar utveckling


Kalligrammofon / Structures Sonores / Elefantkvinnan Editions Showcase:


Ny Musik För Hållbar Utveckling: Festival äger rum den 14-15 november på Kulturhuset i Stockholm. Två scener, två dagar, 19 timmar musik, ca 20 artister, långdistro, filmvisning, vernissage, scensamtal, efterfest, progressivitet, hembakat. Fri entré, som alltid.

Det blir en hel del annat som är bra också. Och senare på lördagen blir det fest och jag ska spela skivor.


Mer detaljer snart!

måndag, november 02, 2009

Kalligrammofon & Structures Sonores Radio

We've got some news for you! Me and my dear friend Gustav Rosengren are starting an online radio show, and the first episode is being released today.
So far it's all in Swedish, but we urge international readers to keep an eye open for non-Swedish content in the future.
You'll find the shows here: http://kssradio.tumblr.com/ (stream or download)