lördag, november 06, 2010

Breakfast in America is out!

It's actually out!

Get it here:

Viktor Sjöberg
Breakfast in America
Format: LP Price: $12.50
(SAINT49, St. Ives)

Viktor Sjöberg was born outside Gothenburg, Sweden in 1981 and has been crafting and releasing vaguely popular music since the late nineties. In later years he has been travelling the world performing with Jens Lekman and this record was largely recorded during these journeys, featuring Lekman and many other of Sjöberg's musical friends. "Breakfast in America" is based around a musical theme which was constructed by stealing some chords from a very famous pop song. It draws inspiration from the classic west coast AOR that Sjöberg grew up on and filters it through drone techniques, sample manipulation and jazzy pop sensibilities. "Breakfast in America" tells a story of love. The setting is Anywhere, USA.

It's also available on iTunes.

Get it get it!